Thursday, September 26, 2013

Inspired~ Muhu Island

I have to admit it.
I am an inspiration junkie.

I love the mornings when I take some time to browse the blogs in my reader and the designer sites that I admire so.

Yesterday brought me in touch with Muhu Island.
Muhu is an island off the coast of Estonia. With working windmills, sleepy fishing villages, stone and thatched homes and a vibrant textile heritage.  

Found on the deliously rich and colorful website of Gudrun Sjödén, one of my all time favorite designers.

Click here to see her Gudrun's World page, with her Muhu inspiration board and info about Muhu Island.

 Click here to view her Homeware Page, inspired by the designs of Muhu.

off to sketch... I have a ton of ideas now if I only had more hands...

Muhu Island Links~

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Learn from an elder~ The Amazings

Learn from an elder.
Mastery and Wisdom, Brilliantly Shared.
"We're creating online craft classes with elders showing us how to make, 
mend, master- and live. Let's keep knowledge alive."


"Experience is the best teacher, which is why our crafty elders are the most amazing around."

Monday, September 16, 2013

Life Happens~ recent photos

Life around here in September~

The pigs still line up, just like they did when they were tiny.

Ruby at nine weeks.

More gianormous Cosner tomatoes. 
Seeds saved for generations by Paul's family in WV.

Dizzy with dahlias.

Ruby, Stella, turkeys, hens and the mountain.
I am so in love with our farm, especially after three days away.

Monday, September 9, 2013

Gabriel's Snake Sweater~ 2013


Here is my latest commission, an adorable snake sweater for (almost 3 year old!) Gabriel.

Yarn is Cascade 128 superwash merino in Lichen.
Pattern is a one-of designed as I went along.
Knit from the bottom up.

With a cabled snake panel in the front.
(eyes are embroidered on with yarn)

Ribbed cuffs allow for growth spurts...

...and the gnomey hood? Is my favorite part.

I think he likes it.

Thanks to mom, Char for letting me take Gabriel's photos and posting them.

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Make Your Own Puppy Warmer~

Our new puppy, Ruby, is just short of 8 weeks old and was in a kennel with her 12 brothers and sisters. Needless to say, crate training is hard the first week or so. She is cold and alone and honestly, I can only get up so many time a night and still be human.

Today I made this....

It can be microwaved in 30 second bursts until it is on the hot side of warm.
Ruby can snuggle up to it and it will warm her like her siblings did!

It is very simple to make., and be sure to use old materials...
I used an old towel, a t-shirt scrap from my rag bag and some velcro pieces left from an old project.

~ I took an old red towel from the rag bin. My towel piece measures 7"x 14", but the size can vary greatly depending on the size of towel scraps and puppy that you may have.

~ I sewed velcro to the one end, so the cover can be taken off and washed (a must with a puppy!). *Tip* sew the velcro on before assembling, it is much easier to do it first.

~ Sew the other three sides together, right sides facing in. (Remember to leave the velcro end open.) Turn.

Rice bag insert
~ Mine is made from a scrap of an old t-shirt, again from my rag bin. I measured it to be just short of the size of the cover, but left a bit extra on the end in case I need to snip it open to wash and/or change out the rice. This way I have extra fabric if it needs emptied and washed. After washing and drying the insert you just add more rice and sew the end shut again. I did not bother with velcro on the insert, it seemed to me that the rice may fall through the velcro or that it could easily be pulled open.

~ Sew all sides and leave a funnel sized opening on one end. No need to turn the insert right side out. Your puppy with probably not care. I know mine wouldn't.

~ Using a funnel, fill 2/3 full with dry rice.

~ Sew the opening closed and put the rice bag inside the cover.

Warm the entire thing in the microwave and put a puppy on top.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Welcome Ruby~

Yesterday we welomed a new family member to our home.
Meet Ruby.

(Ruby the dog.
 Ruby the hen has been stripped of her awesome name and renamed Rosalita. 
She was fine with it.)

There has been a huge hole in our family since our Xena passed on... and it has been felt the most by our Stella (our 3 yo German Shepherd). I have been looking online for the perfect puppy, and on Tues. I found her, just 20 minutes from our farm.
When we went to the breeder to pick a puppy, about 11 of them came scampering out, a constantly moving pile of furry cuteness.  I couldn't even get a photo, they were moving so fast. It was horrible. Nothing worse than a pile of puppies (note heavy sarcasm). 

Paul kept his wits about him and selected our girl.

Here she is meeting her big sister.
First a sniff.

 Then another.

A few moments to wrap her brain around it. What IS this thing?!

Ruby and Eve.

Sleeping in her 'area', a temporary structure that Paul built in the mudroom and she hates it.

There have been two sleepless nights so far, and hopefully they will start to get further and far between.
But we already love her so.
Welcome, sweet Ruby.