Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Life Happens~

Autumn has arrived! 
The plants around the pond are turning gold and the Japanese maple is red.

My girls are now ladies.
So pretty and tall and smart as whips!

A new baby arrived in our circle/community and he needed a sweater.

Ruby is still rotten. And SMART. She pulls the gate over. brat.

Always knitting.

Always scheming and planning.

Beautiful organs from a pig harvest. We always marvel at the miracle and cycles of the life of our animals we raise to feed our family. So very appreciated.

Ruby and the turkey farts (as I called them).

The largest came is at a whopping 23 pounds!
Tucked into the freezer for Thanksgiving.

An our little Eve-ooo getting her SENIOR pictures taken!

AND, after some unfortunate kitty-peeing/territorial issues in the house, the cats are now having a daily playtime OUTside. Here is Ezmaralda on her first day out.

On her second day out she communed with the ranging hens.
She chased them once.  I told her if she catches one she can eat it.
I love how they match. It was my personal goal to have ALL black animals. 
But I so love the green eggs those brown Ameracaunas lay. So we compromise.

reenie out.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Thrifted Afghan Love~

I am SO in love with this thrifted afghan.
I LOVE how the neutrals (ochre, taupe, black) POP the corals, scarlet, pink and turquoise.
love love love

It is getting a second bath, still smells of a grandma's house (think avon perfume and powders).

Here is a pic of my entire Goodwill score!
Wool coats and sweaters for critter making (getting felted now), the above afghan, a tapestry bag already intricately stitched but not assembled (to be made into something else, journal cover?), fancy hankies, a small loom, bag of wooden macrame beads and an old meat grinder! 
Fun times.
Good day.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Studio Move~

Things around here have been a cluttered mess. My tiny studio was overflowing with supplies and projects and I realized that there are three of us who use that space, not just me. 
It's not really "My" studio, but rather "Ours". 
The girls always have a project or three in-progress and it was just not working out in our tiny front room. This room used to be a porch, which at some point was closed in and became a long, narrow room off the front of the living room.

Meanwhile, upstairs was a room that housed a tv and a gigantic red L shaped sectional couch, which was rarely used. The couch went to live with a friend (yay) and this room has been repurposed into a second studio! The room is at the top of our stairs and is not really a proper bedroom, since you pass through it to access the rest of the rooms upstairs. One side of the room has a sloped ceiling and a knee-wall, rendering it impossible to stand in about half of the space.  
It is at least three times the space that we had downstairs. 
The decision was made to move the art/painting/craft/journaling supplies upstairs and keep the sewing/knitting/fiber arts down in the smaller room.
Add in a massive purge of unused/un-needed items (that went straight to Goodwill!) and the energy of our home has changed dramatically! 

Here is a photo of the space right after the couch was removed. 
That is Rufus in the foreground, mourning the loss of his favorite piece of furniture.

This is The Precious, helping assemble some new Ikea shelves, which fit perfectly along the knee-wall.

 The queen, Ezmaralda, approves of the new space.

 Here are photos of the space after all the materials had been moved in.
Notice it is still clean? Not for long I am sure!

 There is still space for a third work table, but for now it is fine the way it is.

Grateful for the space and time to do this. 
Grateful for youthful teen energy to haul all that stuff UP the stairs! 

Tired Eve~

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Inspired~ Muhu Island

I have to admit it.
I am an inspiration junkie.

I love the mornings when I take some time to browse the blogs in my reader and the designer sites that I admire so.

Yesterday brought me in touch with Muhu Island.
Muhu is an island off the coast of Estonia. With working windmills, sleepy fishing villages, stone and thatched homes and a vibrant textile heritage.  

Found on the deliously rich and colorful website of Gudrun Sjödén, one of my all time favorite designers.

Click here to see her Gudrun's World page, with her Muhu inspiration board and info about Muhu Island.

 Click here to view her Homeware Page, inspired by the designs of Muhu.

off to sketch... I have a ton of ideas now if I only had more hands...

Muhu Island Links~

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Learn from an elder~ The Amazings

Learn from an elder.
Mastery and Wisdom, Brilliantly Shared.
"We're creating online craft classes with elders showing us how to make, 
mend, master- and live. Let's keep knowledge alive."


"Experience is the best teacher, which is why our crafty elders are the most amazing around."

Monday, September 16, 2013

Life Happens~ recent photos

Life around here in September~

The pigs still line up, just like they did when they were tiny.

Ruby at nine weeks.

More gianormous Cosner tomatoes. 
Seeds saved for generations by Paul's family in WV.

Dizzy with dahlias.

Ruby, Stella, turkeys, hens and the mountain.
I am so in love with our farm, especially after three days away.

Monday, September 9, 2013

Gabriel's Snake Sweater~ 2013


Here is my latest commission, an adorable snake sweater for (almost 3 year old!) Gabriel.

Yarn is Cascade 128 superwash merino in Lichen.
Pattern is a one-of designed as I went along.
Knit from the bottom up.

With a cabled snake panel in the front.
(eyes are embroidered on with yarn)

Ribbed cuffs allow for growth spurts...

...and the gnomey hood? Is my favorite part.

I think he likes it.

Thanks to mom, Char for letting me take Gabriel's photos and posting them.