Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Fairy House Class!

Peculiar Ambitions is SO excited to announce our very first class!
Fairy Houses!

Join us on Sat. June 30th and make a Fairy House for your resident fairies... 
We are setting up tables in the yard, by the pond. It is best to make the houses near the fairy's natural habitat!
Ann and Grandma, making class samples.

When... Saturday, June 30th from 11am until 3 pm-ish. 
We are limiting the class size to 12, to keep the day manageable. We will schedule additional class times if need be.

Cost... $10 per person for the class. You will need to bring your own bag lunch and hot glue gun with plenty of glue sticks. Decor supplies will be found in nature, brought from home, or gathered at the Airy Fairy Sharing Table (details below).

I attached a printable Class Description and Supply Sheet to this email for your convenience.

Students must be old enough to control a hot glue gun safely! If your creator is too young to manage a HOT glue gun on their own, they can bring an adult along to help with it. Class price is per fairy house made, so if you, Grandma, bring your very young granddaughter to make a house, the cost is only $10 if you make one together.  
**We are a working farm and are not set up to accommodate wandering children, so unless they are participating directly in the class or are infants attached to mamma, please find childcare for the day. Same applies to your pets.**

We are using wooden bird houses as our fairy house base. Bring your own birdhouse to use or buy one here... We will have some basic, plain birdhouses for sale for $10 each. Ann took our older, aging birdhouses from the yard and remodeled them into her fairy houses... a great way to recycle!

Think about the your fairy's style... is she a nature fairy? A glitzy fairy? A hoarder/ junk fairy? 
Her style will determine the items you use to decorate.
Once everyone arrives and sets up their work space, we will be taking a nature walk to gather supplies for your house.

Bring decor items for the Airy Fairy Sharing Table. 
This is a great way to destash your crafty items and find inspiration for your fairy house.
Suggested items... these are so much fun to collect and a great way to clean out the crafty stash!
Marbles, silk flowers, beads, trinkets, trims, yarns, rocks, doodads and odds & ends from your junk drawer, buttons, sparkly items, small toys, etc.... 
Use your imagination!

Bring your OWN hot glue gun to use and plenty of glue sticks. You will use a LOT of glue sticks, so get more than you think you may need. 
Pack yourself a picnic lunch to eat by the pond. Making houses is hard work and will make you hungry. 

We are so excited to share a day with you!
Email me asap to reserve your spot in class. (peculiarambitions at gmail dot com)
When I receive your email I will respond and let you know if you are in class or if I will be scheduling a second class. 


Sunday, June 3, 2012

2012 Peculiar Peepys!

It's a Peepy time of year!

Several of our hens had gone broody, so on May 12th we marked 8 eggs for them to sit on. They shared the responsibility. Yesterday morning, exactly 21 days later, we found chicks! 
At the end of the day we had four of them. 
Still more eggs in there that have not hatched, we will give them a day or so before giving up.

Here is the only Rhode Island Red chick, fresh from the shell...
The other three chicks are Buffs...

Again this year our reliable mamma is Bambi, a Buff Orphington we adopted from friends.
Here is a quick video (41 seconds) of Bambi and the Peeps...

The squawking is Agatha, our gramma hen. 
She was NOT happy about the coop door being up and me looking in. 

Welcome, little fuzz wads!