Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Free Elf Hat Pattern~!

This is an oldie from years ago, but I thought it would be great to feature again!

Will fit child to adult head approx. 20-21 inches.
Pattern is written for both chunky weight or worsted weight yarn (held double). 
Includes felting instructions for the optional ears... Ears are knit as a rectangle, felted, then cut out (template included)~
Gauge: is the same for both Chunky (single strand) or Worsted (hold 2 strands together) yarn, they use different sized needles (see materials list). 1 inch= 3 ½ stitches and 6 rows


~ Hat yarn in desired colors- Chunky minimum of 120 total yards, worsted minimum of 200 total yards.

~ Yarn sized needle

~ Yarn for ears- one skein of a skin-toned feltable wool, bulky weight.

~ Size 9 circular needles, 16 in. length (double worsted size 10 ½)
~ Size 9 double point needles (dpn) (double worsted size 10 ½)
~ Size 17 needles (for ears) 
Copyright 2008 Reenie Hanlin This pattern is for personal use only.

Don't forget the jingle bell!
You can view all of my knit designs on my Ravelry designer page HERE. (click for link)
Send me photos of your holiday victims wearing this hilarious hat and I will post them here on the blog!

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Reenie's Pinker than Pink Lamp Remake~

I love pink.
On a recent trip to Goodwill, I found some awesome lamps.
Very retro-tacky, but with a great shape. 
And I LOVE the round, grey, textured section in the center.

Disassembled to paint...

Two coats and a few days to cure...

(see the chicken in the background?)

They add that extra POP of pink that I was looking for...

Since it's a dark, rainy afternoon, I am heading to this exact spot to read.