Monday, April 22, 2013

Spring Pigs~ 2013

Hello, stinky piglets. Welcome to our farm!

This morning Paul and I drove to our favorite breeder in Salem, OR 
and picked up six 7 week old piglets. Three boys and three girls...

We named them Floyd, Daryl, Leroy, Daisy, Lulu and Earline.

They are so entertaining! For now they are in the orchard next to our house.
They will live there until they are trained to the electric fence and are large enough to move to our woods. Plus they are close enough to watch all day long.
Here is a quick video clip to share the cuteness-overload.

Spring is HERE! woohoo!

Friday, April 12, 2013

Gelatin Printing~

A few weeks ago, Jackie came over for some messy, fun studio time. 
We made prints, her using her Gelli Plate, and I using my homemade plate made from gelatin.

The idea came from a pinterest pin I saw about Linda Germain. She is the artist who shares the recipe I used along with a LOT of other videos. Go watch them, they are fun.

I LOVED it. It had a fantastic texture and so much fun to mess around with. Of course it is not as durable as the commercial version. And I was not really too concerned with keeping it pristine.

Ezmaralda inspected it before I pulled it out of the cookie sheet.

 It came out easily.


Hi Jackie!

I made most of my prints using strands of yarn and threads.
First I rolled a layer of paint on the plate, then I placed random wads of threads and yarn on it.

Ghost plate... which is what you have left once you pull the threads off the plate. This is the paint that was left underneath the wad of thread.

These are my favorite prints... all pulled from the same plate.
Print #1, 2 and 3... and the pink one at the bottom was the ghost print.

 This print is two layers, the first in black (see the feather?) and the second in white.
I printed on an old, beat up, written-upon manilla folder. I use folders as bases for painting or as book pages when I make my art journals.

 Black paper~

 Black paper and purple iridescent paint. love.

 SO much fun and a terrific mess.
It is now three weeks past this printing frenzy and my plate is still wrapped in plastic wrap, on a tray in my fridge. I plan to 'recycle' it soon-ish... 
There is a video HERE that shows how to chop up your old gelatin plate, put it in the blender, then heat it in the microwave yo melt it down and repour! 
This of course cracks me up, it seems silly to worry about recycling gelatin, BUT the crazy hippie in me cannot resist trying it. 
I will post about it once I get it done, but for now, there is a coop to build and baby pigs to prepare for!
Oh, yeh and flowers to plant.
I lurv spring!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Life Happens~ Spring!

Lately I have been focusing more on being present, being with my kids.
Enjoying our farm and our schedule.

 Embracing (and ignoring) the messy parts. Accepting. Absorbing.

I am a high-strung person. I expect a level of non-achievable perfection from myself. The past few months have been about unlearning this. About self-love. Self-compassion. This takes practice, serious practice. I now catch myself and the negative mantras that go through my head. I plan to carry this practice through the rest of my life. Practice self-love. Practice gratitude.  It gets easier as time goes on...

Life is amazing.

Here are some photos from our weekend escape to the Oregon coast...