Saturday, December 8, 2012

Life Happens~ Photos from our lives.

THis is not my photo, found it on FB, and it cracked me UP.
Oh, what we put ourselves through during the holidays. Poor babies.

Nummy felt garland from the loverly Mika.

Three rescue trees... dug up from our forest. 
In pots until we get them replanted on the fence line.

My baby girls in 2002!

 Getting our Holiday Tree... hunted down, killed and ready to be bundled.


My pottery cats, made in pottery class.
This is Rufus (aka MoMo) 

Here is is hanging in the living room.

Below are Kitty. Snarl and No Name.

And their close-ups... 

and finally...

Cattails on the pond.
Have a great weekend!

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Kai's Elfish Gnome Hat~ 2012

Pattern is based on Gnomey Hat by Adian Bizilia
I changed the gauge of the pattern to fit my yarn and  changed the point of the hat.
Fits a 17 inch head with a bti of room to grow...

Made from a two ply handspun from SpunMonkey.

Cute gnomey overload.

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WHY am I cross posting everything?
Well, over the next few months, both blogs will be combined into one, shiney, sparkly fantastic NEW blog, which will sit here on the site.
This blog will not only be my voice (Reenie), but all of us,
reflecting our crazy, farmy, artsy, family-filled lives. will remain as is, as my blog archives (since 2007!)
So... keep an eye out for these changes to take effect. They are still very much in the planning stages.