Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Life Happens~ Spring!

Lately I have been focusing more on being present, being with my kids.
Enjoying our farm and our schedule.

 Embracing (and ignoring) the messy parts. Accepting. Absorbing.

I am a high-strung person. I expect a level of non-achievable perfection from myself. The past few months have been about unlearning this. About self-love. Self-compassion. This takes practice, serious practice. I now catch myself and the negative mantras that go through my head. I plan to carry this practice through the rest of my life. Practice self-love. Practice gratitude.  It gets easier as time goes on...

Life is amazing.

Here are some photos from our weekend escape to the Oregon coast...


  1. Hi Reenie, I enjoyed my visit today & you might like to visit my portfolio site if you like flower & nature photos. (its at I love collecting shells & nature. How dreamy to live where the moss grows (pretty photographs) it is more dry where I live right now in Central, CA. compared to when I lived in Northern CA. Hope to see you link up @ DearCreatives sometime.